Cannabis uses to treat insomnia and anxiety

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is a chemical found in a hemp and marijuana plant. CBD does not have any intoxication feeling unlike THC that is also another type of cannabinoid. Anxiety is generally described as how our body naturally responses to stress. It is basically the feeling of apprehension or fear on what is about to come. If the anxiety becomes extreme over a long period of time, it might result into an anxiety disorder. This is normally unpleasant and can affect our day-to-day life routine. If it is not treated, it will keep getting worse and start to affect the people around us through the anxiety attacks.  

Types of anxiety 

  1. Phobia that is extreme fear of a specified situation, activity or object 
  1. Social anxiety disorder that happens due to the fearing judgement from other during social situations 
  1. Panic disorder that arises from reoccurring panic attacks at unanticipated moments 
  1. Obsessive-compulsive disorder which occurs due to irrational thoughts that recur and often lead to someone performing certain, repeated habits 
  1. Post-traumatic stress disorder which follows when one experiences a traumatic episode 

The CBD uses to treat anxiety include: 

Studies conducted for a person with generalized anxiety shows that CBD can reduce stress as the samples recorded improved heart rate and low signs of behavioural anxiety. Other types of anxiety like PTSD and social anxiety disorder can be improved through the consumption of CBD. It can also treat neurological disorders for depression although much research still needs to be undertaken. 

Dosage for CBD uses to treat anxiety 

In case a person is experiencing anxiety, it is wise to consult a doctor before trying out the CBD oil so that you can figure out the appropriate dosage and get the CBD vs THC effects before committing. The dosage cannot be the same for everyone as the doctor will have to assess a number of factors including the type of anxiety, weight and age of patient and other many factors.  

Side effects of cannabis uses to treat insomnia and anxiety  

Although CBD is generally considered to be safe, some people who consume it tend to develop some side effects which include; fatigue, change in appetite and body weight, and diarrhoea. CBD can also react violently with other supplements or medicine one is taking such as blood thinners. Advice and consultation from a certified doctor are important so as to avoid messing up your system. 

Use of CBD oil will most definitely help you with anxiety but once you stop taking them withdrawal symptoms might start to encroach your doorstep. Some of this withdrawal symptoms are; nausea, dizziness, irritability and fogginess.  

Anxiety is one of many untold health issues that cloud our modern lives. Many people never take it seriously not knowing that it can affect our mental health negatively. CBD can prove to be the key instrument to reducing this disorder and reinstate our minds to function with little or no anxiety. Most of the CBD products are usually considered illegal since many people abuse it. Laws should be enhanced around the world to make the hemp plant available only for medicinal purposes so that they can be used to assist anyone with anxiety, insomnia or depression issues.  

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