Discrete fun ways on how to travel with Cannabis

Consumption of Cannabis (Marijuana) is illegal in most places, and therefore transporting it is also unlawful.

Some airports allow you to fly with a limited amount and others have amnesty deposit boxes available when you realize that you do not want to attempt to fly with it. Ensure to find out what the law provides for in each location you maybe departing or arriving.

Airport security is keener on threats to aviation security. In some airports, they will instruct you to throw it away before boarding, place it in an amnesty box, or they may extend their mercy and allow you to proceed with it. The action taken is never specific due to the constant changes in the laws that govern travel. If airport security establishes that you are carrying Cannabis, the law spells out fines and jail term. I am sure these are not the eventualities you want.

Given that Marijuana uses are recreational or medicinal purposes, a patient with a medical card may be allowed to proceed. It applies only in locations with a marijuana medical program is in operation.

Some airports allow you to transport a Cannabidiol (CBD) containing 0.3 percent of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This Cannabis component is responsible for altering the mind’s function in liquid or concrete forms weighing up to a maximum of 96.388 grams.

Several people have tried to test traveling while carrying a small amount of Cannabis specifically parked in checked-in luggage and report success. The assumption applied here is that security personnel are more concerned with things classified as harmful to passengers and ignore Cannabis meant for personal consumption.

Let us share with few of the tested fun ways on how to travel with Cannabis as follows:

  1. Snack mix: Put them among the candies and biscuits
  2. Pill mix: Conceal among the ibuprofen pills and fix in cotton rolled.
  3. Beauty pack mix: Enclose them in packs similar to those containing your essential oils—the packages not to exceed the limit allowable by airport security checks. The job is to work around the permissible limits and sail through the security processes.
  4. If you are traveling by road, it is best to pack in snack mixes or as a vaporizer.
  5. Portioning: roll the Cannabis in cigarette form and pack them alongside other cigarettes. The mix will conceal your Cannabis.

Traveling with Cannabis is possible. It could be that you are using it for medical purposes, then be sure to have authorization. Present it to the security personnel, and they will allow you to proceed with it instead of throwing it away or apprehending you altogether.

You can seek solace in the comfort of airport scanners tailored to detect liquids that are more than allowable amounts, materials for making bombs and other explosives, and items classified as artillery. If caught, the Cannabis will be thrown away and taken through more checks. It may lead to missing your flight. Rarely will you be apprehended, but it is a possible outcome in some countries.

The information we have provided is not to assist you in breaking the law. It is for travel update purposes only. Take care and do not be greedy to the level of falling on the wrong side of the law.

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