How New California Regulations Will Affect Marijuana Delivery

California is one of the states in the US where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use. This move has had a big impact on the cannabis industry as new rules and regulations have been created to govern the cultivation and delivery of marijuana products. Despite the fact that marijuana has been legalized in California, many cities and counties within this state view marijuana as an illegal drug and have come up with rules that ban any activities related cannabis.

As a result of the ban of marijuana in these places, delivering cannabis products to clients residing there poses a big challenge. These are the major challenges that those offering marijuana delivery services face in those areas though they serve clients who use marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes. To operate well in this highly regulated marketplace, the delivery businesses have come up with changes on how to operate their businesses. This article is committed in highlighting some of the key changes that delivery businesses have come up with.

  • GPS Tracking Device-a new requirement stipulate that all delivery vehicle must be equipped with the GPS device. This move is meant to monitor the movement of vehicles that carry marijuana to ensure that they follow rules and regulations formulated by the state. The law requires that the GPS should be attached to the delivery vehicle and must be active throughout the delivery time.
  • Onboard cannabis Limits-the new regulations limit the amount of

    Cannabis that each delivery vehicle should carry at one particular time. In terms of value, the delivery vehicle must not carry cannabis exceeding $3,000

  • Delivery request receipts– the new changes require that delivery sales must be reported through metric reporting system. The dispensary must request for delivery receipt sales for each delivery order. The rules state that after delivery of the product to the client, one copy should remain with the customer and another should be kept in the dispensary. The delivery request receipt has the following details: name and address of the online dispensary canada, name and number of employee courier, name and number of employee who prepared the order, name of the client, date and time of delivery.
  • Delivery Activities-the new regulations specify the activities that a courier can undertake while delivering the products to consumers. These activities include vehicle repairs, vehicle refuelling, and some rest. Any other activity is prohibited by the regulations.
  • Locked container-the cannabis products must be kept in a locked container inside the delivery vehicle.
  • Inventory Ledger-the new regulations requires that the courier has an inventory ledge that has various details including the kind of cannabis product, the brand, retail price etc.

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