If You Want to Prevent Your Skin from Sagging Try Botox

Botox procedure involves blocking of nerve signals from the nerves to muscles in a particular area of the face. This article tends to explain the types of Botox that can be done to a person. 

The bacterium Clostridium Botulinum is the substance used in Botox surgeries. It is injected in the eyes, forehead, and areas of cosmetic purposes. The result to this is muscles do not sag hence a person has a reduction of wrinkles on the areas worked on. Though believed to be of cosmetic purposes, there are other medical uses for it. This includes helping of spasticity after a stroke and treating of headaches or excessive sweating in a person’s underarm. 

There are four types of Botox procedures: Botox, dysport, jeuveau and xeomin. 


This procedure contains inactive ingredients that are human albumin that are plasma proteins and sodium chloride. The therapeutic version of this product can be used to treat excessive sweating, eye spasms and migraines. It is good for treating all areas, especially the small areas on the face. The result of this type of procedure is shown after three to five days and lasts up to three to four months. However a patient may develop antibody resistance overtime. 


It was first approved to treat frown lines and is slightly less potent than Botox due to its molecular weight. It has a higher rate of diffusion hence makes it ideal for treating larger areas like the forehead. Like Botox it also contains human albumin and cow’s milk protein. Despite its effect starting to work after 24 hours the results might take longer and effects last for a period of four months. It is not suitable for small areas and also not suitable for people with milk allergies due to the presence of cow’s milk. 


Unlike the other types Jeuveau was recently approved in 2019 hence has not been in the market for long. The clinical data of this type is limited and has proved results like that of Botox. The results are seen after three to five days and can last up to six months. Due to it being new in the market its long term safety and efficacy has not been proved. 


It is used to treat frown lines, muscle spasticity and recently has been approved for treating excessive drooling. Its ingredients include human albumin and sucrose. It is ideal for patients who no longer respond to Botox and dysport. A patient who may find Botox and dysport unsuccessful may opt for xeomin due to the purified state of BoNT-A. Its results start to show after five to seven days and the effects last for a period of four months. 

The overview is all types of Botox have similarities that will create a good cosmetic result. However there are small distinctions that make a one preferable than the other especially in their contents or ingredients. Therefore one should consider looking for ingredients and the end result before making their preference on what to go for Elite Body Sculpture.