Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew Regarding New CBD Edibles.

Unlike THC which is the psychoactive compound present in cannabis, studies are being carried out on CBD for its effect on anxiety, sleep, and relieving of pain. It is important to conduct your research to ensure that you are consuming quality and attributable genuine products. 

The CBD products are produced by various companies that adhere to safety, pellucidity, and quality. These companies have to provide evidence of testing by an ISO 17025-compliant laboratory, ensure that products contain less than 0.3% of THC and that these products pass the tests for heavy metals and pesticides among other stipulations set by the certificate of analysis in the USA. 

Some of the possible and reported side effects as a result of consuming CBD edibles include fatigue, body weight fluctuation, appetite change, and diarrhea. Research has shown that CBD can interact with the enzymes present in the liver, leading to inhibitory effects, whereby now the liver becomes unable to carry out the metabolism of other drugs and chemicals. It is therefore important to seek medical advice before consuming the Cannabidiol products 

  Here is a summation of the common CBD edibles currently in the market: 

  1. CBD-imbued beverages. 

This term incorporates the water, tea, and even beers that are infused with CBD. The consumers need to be wary with this formulation, especially when beer is imbued with CBD because now the risks become tougher. Although some CBD drinks might cause relaxation, sometimes it might not arise from the CBD. That is why some manufacturing companies add some more components such as adaptogens to enhance the effects. 

  1. CBD-imbued foods 

These foods have been reported to relieve pains and aches. However, this formulation can cause indigestion, thereby leading to diarrhea. This reputation is believed to mainly affect the first-timers. 

  1. The Sublingual CBD products 

This is mainly formulated in terms of gummies and lozenges. The gummies go through the saliva, stomach, liver, and then enter the bloodstream. To bypass that long pathway, a consumer might want to place the CBD beneath the tongue, where the sublingual salivary glands are located. Any chemical administered on it gets absorbed into the bloodstream through simple diffusion via the buccal membrane that covers the floor of the tongue. Through the bypassing of the digestion process, CBD enters the bloodstream right away. 

  1. The CBD capsules 

This formulation is often marketed as a vitamin/supplement. Also, some CBD products are excised by the use of supplements such as melatonin (sleep hormone) and theanine (induces relaxation). However, the proof of CBD capsules to relieve pain and inflammation has been reported to be anecdotal, and therefore a consumer is not entirely guaranteed. 


The body system uses the CBD as introduced and at a higher rate than the usual oils. Research is still underway in regards to the CBD consumables, and therefore at this point, one can only say that there is more to learn. 

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