Medical marijuana use for epilepsy


The management of epileptic symptoms entails a variety of drugs. One of the upcoming modes of epilepsy management is the use of marijuana. Despite its tinted name as a commonly abused drug, most clinicians still advocate its use for epilepsy management. Age is a risk factor in that it affects one mostly at childhood age. Herein, I’ll discuss medical marijuana use for epilepsy canna lyft

Cannabinoids for epilepsy management  

By their name, cannabinoids are drugs derived from cannabis sativa, which is synonymous with marijuana. These cannabinoids have components that cause psychological feelings of being active. Additionally, it has cannabidiol, which is effective in seizure management. Epidiolex is an approved cannabinoid for the management of epilepsy in children. The mechanism of action of epidiolex is not yet known. Clinical testing of the drug on epileptic patients shows cessation of seizures in these patients within 2 hours. 

How is cannabinoid medication administered? 

Treatment usually starts with a single dose. The starting dose is increased while monitoring the side effects of the epidiolex. Additionally, monitoring the drug levels in the blood is critical since the drug metabolism varies in different patients.


What are the trials that show epidiolex is efficient? 

The clinical testing on epileptic seizures showed a five-month therapeutic effect in 90% of the positive people. In a second study, medical marijuana use for epilepsy  effects only in people who had an overdose.  

What are the side effects of epidiolex? 

90% of drug discontinuations were due to altered liver function in its testing stage. Note that the liver is one of the vital organs in the body in that it detoxifies the blood and generates heat. Lethargy is the other side effect that led to the drug’s discontinuation in those who took it in high doses. The other common side effects were diarrhea, somnolence, insomnia, and rashes. Ideally, medical marijuana use for epilepsy shows side effect when you take a dose that your body cannot handle, i.e., an overdose. 


The use of cannabis-derived drugs for neurological disorders has been investigated for a long time in different countries. Medical marijuana use for epilepsy management has shown efficiency in unresponsive patients to other medical therapies. Generally, epidiolex is a cheap and lasting solution to epileptic management. 

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