The Cannabis Compliance In Canada And Facts About These New Laws

When it comes to Cannabis compliance in Canada, you may also be wondering and asking yourself about various things like if you can be able to grow your own weed, where you are able to buy it, if you can smoke cannabis and still be able to drive and if there are other drugs that are going to be legalized in Canada as well. According to the Cannabis compliance in Canada, if you decide to sell without a license, then you may end up incurring a fine that is not less than $5,000 or worse you may end up facing a 14-year jail term as a result of this.

Where exactly can one be able to buy cannabis?

As a result of the cannabis Act and the Cannabis compliance in Canada, there was the legalization of cannabis in the month of July 1st, 2018. However, even though the legalization is in effect, there is still a lot of scrutinies that the bill is still been taken through in the Senate. There are also some indigenous leaders who have gone ahead to express their concerns that the cannabis act does not in any way allow the banning and regulation of the selling of marijuana in their area. However, even with legalization and a lot of things still under discussion, it is important to know what the Cannabis compliance in Canada are before you decide to go ahead with anything.

With the above said, it is not advisable for you to start rushing into things. After the legalization date, the government put in a two to three month period for transition before marijuana can be sold or bought legally

Where can one buy?

Because of the Cannabis compliance in Canada and also because of the fact that the legalization has mainly fallen on various provinces, where you will be able to buy your weed is going to depend highly on the area that you are in. If you are in Alberta, then recreational weed should be available in a total of 17 retailers who are private and spread across the entire province, like Weed Smart BC.  Most of the other provinces are a blend of this approach and another approach. The other approach is that they will have to buy weed from various stores that are been run by the liquor board of the said province. This is possibly the best time for the illegal dispensaries to get their licenses so that they can move from illegal distributors to now licensed retailers. It is also a way of ensuring that they are able to follow the law and the compliance laws that have been set.

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